Teamwork and cultural diversity

Our Fundamental Principle

Everything is dependent on the client's viewpoint.

Preserving our clients’ growth and happiness, as well as the happiness of all of our employees, by providing the highest level of service with a thankful heart and expression.

It is our responsibility to deliver solutions to our clients’ problems. Our function differs from that of a design firm or a general contractor in that we anticipate problems and offer solutions. In order to ensure the client’s business is successful, we look at things from both the client’s and management’s perspectives.

We are able to work because of the help of many individuals in our lives, including our clients, partners, coworkers, and family members. It is critical to always be grateful to those around us in order to be able to trust one another and collaborate.

Expand your knowledge and experience.

Teamwork leads to successful projects.

We work aggressively, with zeal and a strong desire to succeed, and we continue to take on new tasks.


Make use of the knowledge of design consultants and contractors.

We have a number of engineers that have worked with consulting firms and big contractors and are well-versed in the Malaysian construction environment. You can exhibit your experience as a consultant or contractor from the client’s perspective in I&Z Project Management.


Development of Human Resources

We provide on-the-job training delivered by managers at each business, as well as training by expert lecturers, to give a space for employees to enhance their abilities.

Our team members are proactive in enhancing their own abilities; there are study sessions among team members many times a month when each employee contributes their expertise and experience and gains a great deal of learning in order to raise their project management standard.


Inclusive Management Styles

We build a management strategy after assessing the internal and external surroundings and examining the action plan while exchanging opinions with all personnel. We also discuss the revenue statement and value management transparency at our meetings.


Maintaining a healthy work-life balance

We have a culture of sharing information and working together as a team, which allows us to build a work-life balance.

We’re working to create an environment where you can enjoy your work and spend your free time.