i & z Group is a company consistently involved in project management construction consultancy, asset management, service in consultancy, development, planning, property management and research company which primarily operates in Malaysia.

At i & z Group, we believe that if a clients business needs to engage a consultant, that consultant must be highly experienced, trained and truly earn their position as an external consulting company. As a result our team must be the best in the business and we appreciate we need to earn and maintain our position by our team being well trained in both technical matters but also in softer management and communication skills. This training involves internal training and external training and is a massively inclusive and team engaging effort in driving forward our business and our ability to continually gain repeat business.

Our team are from a wide array of different technical backgrounds and cultures including Project Managers, Quantity Surveyors,  Planners, Architects and Contract & Claims Specialists. Which together, provide our clients with an exceptionally technically diverse service offering to deliver their project requirements from inception through to completion, testing and commissioning.

Yearly Objective

Long Term Goals