To provide creative and effective asset and project management  services that satisfies our customers needs and wants

To ensure success through innovative and sustainable consulting with social responsibility thinking, training and coaching while ensuring cost effectiveness and caring for the environment.

To be able to be one of who provide design-build service in a constructions industry.


In 3 years, we aspire to be one of the leading project management company in Malaysia that provide full service of project management for large scale project.

To be progressive and manageable asset management company in project management that includes the best services through value and commitment given.

SWOT Analysis

  • Have an experienced and qualified project leader.
  • Have a comprehensive professional consultancy services.
  • A 100% Bumiputera’s company that have advantage and experience in handling project on Malay Reserve Land.
  • S
  • Does not have sufficient experienced and skilful staff in various field.
  • Does not have an organized system or software for project management and development.
  • W
  • Target market that focus on pocket development on Malay Reserve Land.
  • Target on rural development areas that are close to facilities provided.
  • Applying and actively seeking for supply.
  • Provide design-build services to customers.
  • O
  • Poor economy due to the government changes.
  • Insufficient funding to run and handling projects.
  • Late payment release from clients and bank.
  • Buyer’s loan takes time to approve.
  • T